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Social Sustainable Development

Mehler Texnologies

Mehler Texnologies

Environmental Sustainable Development

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We believe that we have as a worldwide employer have an impact on society. Therefore we define it as our duty to enhance social sustainable development. This starts first with a stringent health and safety regulations to protect our highly qualified employees. We do as well strengthen the social environment throughout a support of the local community and charities worldwide.


Health & Safety Regulations

The health and safety of our employees, as well as others who may be affected by our operations, remains a key management responsibility and priority throughout the business. Our focus on health and safety has continued, as we continue to aim for improvement both in our health and safety performance and in our arrangements for managing health and safety.

Our Charity Engagement

Sheltered Workshop Cooperation

We work in cooperation with a sheltered workshop. The employees of this workshop are proud to help creating thousands of our brochures and sample cards. Simple tasks like gluing samples on a brochure or preparing color swatches are done by their employees impressively committed. This all is done in a relaxed atmosphere, where every employee can take as much time for their work as they need. As a special offer leisure time facilities like a gym or employee managed cafe are open for all employees. 

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Werkstatt für behinderte Menschen

Charity Material Donation

buildingtrust international

As an integral part of company’s culture, we support social causes and we are proud to be a part of the “moving school project” at the Thai Burmese border. We supported “Building Trust International UK”, a non-profit organization to develop a school for refugee children. Below is a short piece on the history of the project, Building Trust and what it means to the local Burmese refugee and migrant community. Building Trust international is a non-profit organization, established by David Cole and Louise McKillop following a life changing visit to Mae Sot, a small town on the Thai/Burma border in January 2011. The pair launched an International design competition asking Architects, Designers and Engineers to come up with an innovative design solution for a mobile, modular school which they would then construct for a displaced community of migrants and refugees on the border.

Moving School

Burmese migrants do not have a right to own land and currently many of the new school buildings that are funded by aid agencies do not last long as the local landlords raise the rent of the land forcing the children elsewhere. It was seeing this problem that Cole and McKillop made a commitment to help a handful of displaced children and decided to host the competition. The brief required entrants to design a school which could be easily built and disassembled if the need arose. The ‘Moving schools’ competition asked entrants to pay a small fee, with all entrance fees going to directly to the cost of the school build. There was an incredible response with more than 800 designers and academic institutions expressing an interest and designs coming from over 30 countries. The winning design, by Amadeo Bennetta and Daniel LaRossa, Berkeley, CA, USA was announced last December. The application of a fabric roof is the first of its kind for a school in the area, hopefully out lasting the palm alternatives in the heavy rain which is common to the area and will be quieter than a corrugated metal option. Our 8509 Poly Opak (blockout) fabric has made it possible to trial such a roof for the first time utilizing Profil Tension System fixings. To ensure a sense of ownership and pride in the new school “Building Trust” continue to work closely with the local community, school children, their parents and the school teachers. We hope the school will be more than an educational facility and become a community hub. To find out more please visit: http://www.buildingtrustinternational.org/. Building Trust International is a registered charity in England and Wales (1142338)